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About Our Web Design Services

Designing a website can be a daunting task which is why we recommend working with an expert. Our affordable website's will not only look beautiful, but they will be an effective tool for bringing you new customers. Even if you choose not to heavily market your website, the on-site SEO (which is included), and the stunning graphics, will be sure to add a new customer here and there. We have seen too many small businesses get absolutely nothing from their website and we can promise you that will not be the case with ours.


Frequently Asked Questions


What type of SEO is included with a basic website?

On-Site SEO is included, which means we will start you off with original and effective content that will appear in the SERPS. It will be written with the the right keyword density, the images will have appropriate alt tags, and names, description tags, and keyword tags to appeal to Google's algorithms.


Why do I need a website if I already have facebook, instagram, and other social media that I can manage myself?

A website is a hub for all things digital. It will link everything together and solidify you online presence. If you don't have any social media we will create the pages and link them to your new website.


How will my website be maintained?

Your website maintenance is covered 100% That includes unlimited changes and updates, we will also back up your files, and protect it from hackers. All for a very small fee.


How will logo's and graphics be handled for the website?

We will design everything, logos, images, and graphics! We will not require anything from you. Of course we welcome you to provide your own logo, graphics, and images but it is not necessary. We promise to make your website look stunning either way.


How will my website bring my business new customers?

Your new website will be equipped with just enough content, On-Site SEO, and Social Media to capture new visitors, and then make it easy for them to get in touch with you in a variety of ways and on any device It will be mobile friendly!


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